Daisy Jin(info) 
Daisy Jin is a graphic & game designer with a focus on multi-media entertainment based in Los Angeles, CA. She explores the spectrum between utility and whimsicality of "tools," employing visual language to uncover concealed mirth within commonplace.
Chapter IOn Paper Graphic Design

REMOONSystem Design
GooyBrand Identity
CallicVariable Font Design
Zhuan QingshanInteractive Projection
Bug Report : 2018Experimental
Deconstructing LegibilityGlass Making
All Possible Wine GlassExperimental
(R)PetsApp Development
(non)SupermarketWeb Development
What If Michelangelo Was RichMaterial Exploration
takin.aiBrand Identity

Chapter IIOn Screen Game/ish

RootsAdventure PC Game 
Grandma GreenCozy Mobile Game
FandomeEditorial Board Game
WindMobile AR Game
Hanzi TarotPuzzle PC Game 
Cubix QuestPuzzle PC Game

Hanzi Tarot

Hanzi Tarot
puzzle game design

game development
Explore the beauty and complexity of Chinese characters with the Hanzi Tarot game, an experimental puzzle that dives into the fascinating structure of Chinese writing. By crafting unique characters, players experiment with and uncover the nuanced interplay between form, meaning, and sound, challenging traditional interpretations. Beyond linguistic exploration, the game offers tarot readings based on your creations, providing insights through the structure of your characters. The Hanzi Tarot game invites language enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, and the curious to rethink the foundations of Chinese characters, encouraging a deeper appreciation and a fresh perspective on the power of language.

Game ConceptThe process of making inclusion and exclusion posters brought me to think about what makes meaning, and whether art always makes meaning. I landed on the conclusion that “we are allowed to get attracted to things we do not understand, and it’s ok to be fascinated with things that are just visually beautiful.”
So I decided to make another “meaningless” but beautiful thing. I realized that beauty is different from everybody’s standard, so this project could also be “selfish” in a way since I got so attracted to grids and strokes, and it might not be interesting for other audiences.
My intention for creating this game was to let my audiences have fun with grids and strokes and create their own “meaningless” character, however, after realizing it might not be their interests, I added another aspect of interaction: to create a tarot reading system based on grids and strokes, and audiences will get feedback after they finish composing. I guess nobody hates a free fortune teller.

Game Rules

Tarot Reading number of grid: 12 (inversion)

Largest part:亠 (tóu)
Only hook cut, sound head. ——"Words"
Original meaning: heads, upper parts.

Smallest part:夂(zhǐ)
“There is a cause behind the elephant's legs. All the genus of Huai are from Huai.”
Original meaning: Ends, ending.

Your guide: Inverted “Top things ends”

Based on the guide you chose, the meaning would explicitly be: top things (could be understand as things in your head, or good things) seems to ends. 

Based on the number of grids which is even, the meaning was inverted, your tops things (again, I would say good things or things you are expecting) will continue happened.

The grid-letter shows that you are very close to your the results you are thinking. It was not clear if the results were good or bad, but they are what you have been thinking recently. The grid-letter also suggests that you shoul face your thoughts and any results that could happened.

number of grid:  6 (inversion)

Largest part:冂(jiōng)

"Outside the city is called the suburbs, the suburbs are called the wild, the wild is called the forest, and the forest is called the 冂. It is like the far world.".

Original meaning: outside the city, outskirts, and the field.

Smallest part:丷(bā)

“Number 8 in it’s up-side-down”

Eight is a lucky number in China, when you read it, it sounds like “rich”, so number eight usually stands for money or fortune.

Original meaning: Eight.

Your guide: Inverted “Fortune out the field”

Based on the guide you chose, the meaning would explicitly be: losing treasure or giving good away. 

Based on the number of grids which is even, the meaning was inverted, you will get unexpected fortune or financial support from someone.

The grid-letter suggest that you are very close to your finance expectations. You might want you use this waiting time to keep pushing toward where you want to be, and watch your money carefully while the fortune is coming toward you.